1. After replace with a new hard disk, reinstall linux system.

2. Enter “root” to login, enter “ls” to show installer files.

3. Enter “./dds-8.5.xxxx-pro.run” to install boot manager. (xxxx could be different version).

4. Reconfigure server hostname, password and network.

5. Re-mount workstation cache disk and boot disk to correct path. Select “/dev/sdx1” to mount.

IMPORTANT: Do not format the disk, or else the content in SSD will be deleted.

6. Login Boot Manager with your ID.

7. Add all the I/O Server.

8. Right click on I/O server – IO Setting, change Default Disk Save Path to /mnt/SSD, your boot disk save path.

9. Select “Attach virtual disk”.

10. Select the boot disk and click finish to add disk.

11. Add LAN game disk and ONLINE game disk.

12. Load workstation list from .ini files.

Search the .ini file name if did not see in the folder.

13. Edit workstation. Assign each client PC to correct IO.

14. Reboot client PC and make sure all running fine.