Please Follow The Video Installation Guide Step By Step.

1. Make A Bootable USB Installer

2. Server Hardware Requirement

3. How To Install Linux

4. How To Login To Server By NMPCOM

5. How To Create RAID Disk

6. How To Install GMISCSI

7. How To Create VM (Part 1)

8. How To Create VM (Part 2)

9. VM OS Configuration

10. How To Install and Login MAU

11. How To Add Server IO and Disk

12. How To Create Master Image (Part 1)

13. How To Create Master Image (Part 2)

14. How To Boot Client PC

15. How To Batch Add Client PC (Part 1)

16. How To Batch Add Client PC (Part 2)

17. Turn On, Save and Restore SuperWKS

18. How To Mount Game Disk

19. How To Add Game

20. How To Delete Game

21. How To Add Server 2 IO(NIC)

22. Sync Games From Server 1 To Server 2

23. Add Second IO(NIC) Under Same Server

24. How To Save LAN Games (Old Version Game Menu Only)